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The following douments were thaken fom Carrol County Court record books and are unedited documents.

Carroll County Land Deed
Book # 4
Know all men by these presents that We  Miles R. Roberts and wife Caroline Roberts of the County of Carroll and State of Tennessee have this day bargained and sold to John Auvenshine of the same County and State for the consideration of four hun-dred dollars which he has paid me two hunderd dollars in hand, and has executed his note to me for the balance as follows. first due the 25th day of December 1872 for one hundred dollars. the 2nd due December the 25th 1873 for one hundred dollars, the receipt of which is here by acknowledged have baragined and sold and conveyed  unto the said John Auvenshine a certain tract or parcel of land contaning fifty acres be  the same more or less being in the County of Carroll and State of Tennessee and in the 17th district and on the head waters of Allens Creek and bounded as follows  beginning on the South West Corner  of the Same and the North West Corner of the J A Chandler a Stake in J.W. Walters East boundary line with Post Oak and Black Oak pointers then eo North with J.W. Walters and J.S. Taylors East boundary 160 poles to a Stake with Black Jack pointers then eo East with Isaac Rowlances heirs South boundary 50 poles to a Stake with pointers then eo South 160 poles to a Stake in J A Chandlers North boundary with Post and Black pointers then eo West with Chandlers North boundary 50  poles to the beginning . To have and to hold unto the same John Auvenshine and his heirs forever to thier only use and behoof.  We futhermore bind ourselves our heirs Excutor  or administrators forever to warrant and defened the title of Said lands to the Said John Auvenshine against the claims of all others whatsoever may be .  A lien is hereby retained on Said land until the balance of the purchase money is paid on the Same.
In witness whereunto I Set my hand and affix my seal this March the 16th 1872.
Assigned in presence of                                                   Miles R  Roberts
J.A. Chandler                                                                  Nancy C Roberts
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