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The following douments were thaken fom Carrol County Court record books and are unedited documents.

Carroll County Tennessee Court Minutes
June Term 1879
Wm Auvenshine  et al
G A Auvenshine  et al

Be it remembered that this day came on this Court to be & was heard before his Houor G. W. Humble Judge of the County of Carroll County Tenn upon the report of E Falkever CLK of County Court of Carroll County which report filed at the June term 1879 of your Honor Court is in the words fruny following towitt
Wm Auvenshine  et al
G A Auvenshine  et al

Pet to sell land in Carroll Co Court
The undersigned clerk & Coimmm begs leave to report that Wm Auvenshine the purchaser of the following described lot or parcel of land lying in Benton Co Tenn 10" Civil Dist & Bounded as follows begining at a stake with red oak pointers the North East Corner of 190 acre tract granted to T L Surratt & runs East 108 5/6 poles with the West boundary to a Small Spanish oak & dogwood pointers on the West boundary of said 192 acre tract North with the same 108 5/6 poles to a stake the North West Corner of the same then east with the North boundary 147 poles to the begining Containing 100 acres more or less has paid in cash $ 110 oo & executed his two promisory notes for the bal of the purchase money for $85 oo each due respectively 12 & 24 months from day of sale with      G W Carruon             as his surty therein

All of which is respectfully submitted
     June 3 1879  E Falkeven  CLK
Which report being unaccepted to it in all things Confirmed and it appear-ing to the satisfaction of the Court that surse there entry of the decree di-vesting & investing title to the land in the purchasing thereof that that de-cree did not divest & invest title to the said Wm Auvenshine because said Wm Auvenshine had not at that time Complied with the term of sale & that since then the said Wm Auvenshine has fully complied with said terms.  It is therefore ordered as judged & decreed by the Court that all the right title & interest of the petitioners & defendants in the cause as the children & heirs as law of Moses Auvenshine deceased to  the land men-tioned in the pleadings in this Cause be & the same is here
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divested out of their & vested in the said Wm Auvenshine as to the peace or parcel of land which he purchased at said sale & that a lien is hereby re-tained on said land for the payment of the purchase money

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