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The following douments were thaken fom Carrol County Court record books and are unedited documents.

Carroll County Land Deed
Book  Y
Know al men by these present that I William Auvenshine & wife Elizabeth Auvenshine of Carroll County Tenn of the first part have this day bargained & sold unto J. L. Fields for & in consideration of the sum of five hundred & ten dollars to me in hand paid the recit of which  I   hereby acknowledge I have this day bargain & sold to J.L. Fields a certain piece or parcel land lying in the 16 civil dis of Carroll County Tenn & on the waters of Cherry Creek containing fifty acres be the same more or less & bordered as follows.   Beginning on the South East corner of the same at a stake the North East corner of A. Phillips ,with black jack pts. thence North with J.T. Paces west boundary 103 poles to a stake the South corner of Thomas A. French with post oak & & black jack pts. thence West with said French s South boundary 7.4 poles to a rock in the Crutchfild old field, thence South 112 poles to a stake with pointers, thence East 75 poles to the beginning.)To have & to hold the same unto the J. L. Fields his heirs & as-signs forever. We do convenant with the said J.L. Fields first that we are lawfully seized & possessed of said land. Second that we have the right to convey said land & third that we war-rant & defend the title to said land to J.L. Fields his heirs & as-signs forever. Wi my hand & seal this Oct the 29 1878.
William    Auvenshine
Elizabeth   Auvenshine
State of Tennessee Carroll County
This day personally appeared before me E. Falkner Clerk of the County Court of said county William Auvenshine the barainer, with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledge that he executed the foregoing and attached deed,( or instrument ), for all the proposes therein contained upon the day the same bear date
   And Elizabeth Auvenshine wife of the said William Auven-shine having appeared before one privately and apart from her said husband, acknowledged the same to have been made by her fully  voluntarily and understanding, without compulsion or constraint from her said husband, and for the purpose therein expired.

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