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The following douments were thaken fom Benton County Court record books and are unedited documents.

Benton County Land Deed 1893-1895
Book  S

We Wm Auvenshine & Wife Fannie Elizabeth Auvenshine have this day barganined and sold and do herby transfer and convay unto John Giggs his heirs and assigns forever for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifteen dollars: one hundred and seventy five dollars of whitch is paid in cash the receipt of whitch is herby acknowledged and fifty dollars to be paid the 15 day of February 1882 & certian tract of parcel of land lying and beingin the County of Benton & State of Tennessee Civil District No 10 and bounded as follows.
               Beginning at a stake with red oak pointers the NE Corner of a 190 acre tract granted to F. L Suratt and runs South 108 5/6 poles with it's East boundry to a Small Spanish oak with small spanish oak and dogwood pointers thence East 147 poles to a dogwood with hickory Spanish oak & dogwood pointers. thence North 108 5/8 poles to a Stake. thence West 147 poles to the begining. Containing by Estimation one hundred acers more or less to have
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and to hold the same to the said Giggs his heirs and assigns. We covenant towit the said Giggs that we are lawfully siezed of said land have a good right to convey it and that the same is unincumbered. We futher find ourselves our heirs and legal representatives to forever convent and defend the title to the said land to the said Giggs his heirs and assigns against the lawfull clams of all persons whomever: Wittness our Names this 15 day of February 1882
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Wm + Auvenshine     his mark
                                                        Fannie E + Auvenshine her mark
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Personally appeared before me A.C. McRae Clerck of County Court of said County the within named Wm Auvenshine the bararner with whom I am personally aquainted and who acknowledged that he Excuted the annexed Insturment for purpose therein contained. Witness any hand at office this 15 day of Feby 1882
                                                                                                  A C McRae Clerk

State of Tennessee
Weakley County
Personally appeared before me J M Finch Clerk of the County Court of said County the aboved named Fannie E Auvenshine wife of Wm Auvenshine with whom I am personally aquainted and who being examined by me privately and apart from her said husband and acknowledged the execution of said instrument to have been done by her freely volnatarily and understanding by without cimpedsion or restraint from her said husband for the purpose therein expressed. Witness J M Finch Clerk of said Court at office this 22 day of February 1882
                                                                                              J M Finch clerk
                                                                                         By J B Finch D.C.

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